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What watt density should I use?

A:    A lower watt density is best to maximize the heater's performance and
        lifespan, below is a table of materials and their watt density limits.


Watt Density (W/in²): 

 Crankcase Oil SAE 90

 10 W/in² or less

 Machine Oil SAE 30

 15 W/in² or less

        Mineral Oil        

 15 W/in² or less

     Hydraulic Oils    

 15 - 22 W/in² or less


 22 W/in² or less

Q:    When would I want to use an explosion proof enclosure?

A:    The explosion proof encasement is necessary for hazardous locations with flammable materials.

Q:    At what temperature will the oil be maintained?

A:    The average temperature is 75º F but varies depending on the environmental temperature and the wattage output of the heater.

Q:    How do I size a heater for my tank?

 Tank Size (Gal)  Wattage
 Up to 12 gal      125 W
 Up to 25 gal  250 W
 25 - 50 gal  500 W
 50 - 100 gal  1000 W
 100 - 300 gal  3000 W
 250 - 500 gal  5000 W